I am a final-year PhD student at Queen's University Belfast, UK, working with Prof. Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos, Dr Michalis Matthaiou, and Dr Blesson Varghese in Centre for Data Science and Scalable Computing. My research focuses on developing resource management techniques for the emerging Edge/Fog computing. I explore how to etablish Edge/Fog computing services and manage resources on the distributed nodes at the edge of the network. My project involves computation offloading from the Cloud to the Edge and efficient resource management in the ecosystem.


2016 - Now

Resource Management for Edge Computing Systems

Queen's University Belfast

This project explores how to realise Edge/Fog computing through providing on-demand services on Edge nodes (e.g. mobile base stations, routers, switches). Such framework aims to address the challenges associated with limited hardware resources available on the Edge and to assist the realisation of Edge/Fog computing.

2017 - 2018

Research Enablement Kit

Arm Ltd.

This Research Enablement Kit aims to enhance research by enabling researchers worldwide to easily access Arm and partner-based technologies and services, and use them to increase their research impact.

2014 - 2015

Personalised Quality Prediction of Native Ads in Mobile News Streams

University College London

This project analyses user behavior through examining massive log data of Yahoo mobile app, aiming to gain insights on targeting customers. Demographics and user behavioral patterns extracted from historical click-through data were proved effective in predicting post-click experience. A series of peronalised predictive models were developed during the experiments.

2013 - 2014

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Evaluating Machine Learning Approaches for Twitter-based Analysis of Public Sentiment

University of St Andrews

This project is concerned with how machine-learning techniques can be applied to Twitter-based sentiment analysis of gun violence and therefore assists the decision making of policy makers. Natural language processing techniques and a series of learning methods were implemented.



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